toad oracle 12.6 error

Hello , I installed toad to prove it . The installation okay , but then I can not connect to the db .
sqlnet editor and TNSNAME editor can not be opened from toad . Is this normal?
I have no problems with sql developer .Post![tns.jpeg|690x321](upload://ixIriTZzD3xLeh6KO9GpX7TIuSq.jpeg)

Do you have an Oracle client installed? If not, it is a requirement to run Toad for Oracle. In addition, the Oracle client “bit” has to match the Toad for Oracle “bits”. For eaxmple, 32 bit Toad requires a 32 bit Oracle client.

You may also want to read through the installation guide to ensure you have met all of the requirements.

In addition, if you are using an Oracle instant client, you should fully read the installation instructions there as well. You may be missing certain environmental variables that would allow Toad to find your client.

where I find oracle client ?

is this?…/winsoft-085727.html