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Toad SQL INTO Enhancement Request


I don’t know if this is an enhancement request or if there is some option
somewhere that can do this. Here’s the issue. I often times want to run
SQL query in situ meaning inside of a procedure. If the SQL includes an
INTO, that can’t be done, I’ve got to copy and paste it into a SQL
window and then comment out the INTO code fragment. Here’s an example of
a SQL statement for which this is true:

select to_date( SYSTMCNSTNT_VALUE_ TXT , ‘mm/dd/yyyy hh:mi:ss AM’ )

into v_NEW_ LIFE _DATE




What I’d like – the enhancement request – is for Toad to say, oh,
that’s an INTO, comment or ignore that automatically if I’m running the
code as a SQL statement. Can that be done automatically now or is that an
enhancement request?

Rumpi Gravenstein