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SELECTING into statements

Hi - I am really new to Toad and I am looking to create a select into statement. I was told that I can add a column name into an existing table. I found some examples on how to do it but it does not appear to be working. Can someone provide me with a simple way of adding a column into an existing table. Thank you so much!

I’m not sure what you mean by “select into” statement, but here is a simple example of how you can add a column called NEW_COLUMN to a table called MY_TABLE.

alter table my_table add (new_column NUMBER);

Afternoon All,

John has already described how to add a column to a table, but SELECT INTO is totally different.

You would use this in PL/SQL when you want to extract a column or columns into some PL/SQL variables, for example:


myDeptId dept.dept_id%type;

myDeptName dept.dept_name%type;


select dept_id, dept_name

into myDeptId, MyDeptName

from dept

where dept_id = 666;


when no_data_found then

    -- handle execptions here;



Obviously, the dept_id will always be 666 in the above. But hopefully, you get my drift.


Norm. [TeamT]

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I think what John gave me will work… See what I want to do is add a blank column and then do UPDATE statements to update the blank column based on specifications (case when…) from another table on a claim_number. I am sure what you gave me will work too, Norm… Thank you both for your quick responses. :slight_smile: