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TOAD-SS 5.6 - OBJECT EXPLORER - Add Ordinal-Position as an option

New Feature request !

Please add table/column ordinal-position as an optional column in the table
display for Tables and possibly views.

When I use SP_Columns Null,Schema-Name,Null,Null I find the value very handy and
I think it would be good as an option.

See Graphics below

This suggestion has not been entered into the Idea Pond, due to graphic content.

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

678.414.0090 my cell Primary

Hank.Freeman50 (Skype)




Hi Hank!

Your feature request was added to Idea Pond. Please vote for it.

Little trick: It’s really easy (but not so obvious) to add pictures to Idea Pond. Just submit idea as usual but after doing so upload the pictures as attachments in the Attachment section below your idea text.