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TOAD SS 6.5 and view details on DB

I use last version of TOAD SS 6.5 .

I connected to a SQL 2005 Express Edition with service pack 4 in italian Language.

I select DB and with right button of mouse I select - View details - on it.

This is what I see :

As you can see all is blank.

in the past I have reported the problem, this is the link .

Can someone try to solve definitively the problem ?

Best regards,


right Click=>Default Layout…

Hi wiki,

many thank’s for your answer.

BINGO !!! With your instruction all is OK. I can see the details of my DB.

Why this ?

Isn’t normal behaviour of TOAD.

Have you some idea or can I send to you some additional information to solve the problem ?

I stay tune for your consideration.

Best regards,


I can also reproduce this problem, should be some local settings will affect the control display, you only need to be set it as default layout ,good lucky!

At the end of the story this is a problem of TOAD’s settings or settings of display control ?

Best regards,


Hi Sergio,

We have move this issue in schedule, we will try to fix it.



yes, i have created a task for our devlopment to fix it. TSS-387

Hi Cathy,wiki,

many thank’s for your answer and support.

OK . I stay tune for your news when the problem will be solved.

Best regards,