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View details, columns tab

I've having a problem with my trial version of Toad for SQL Server (7.2).

I'm a longtime user of Toad, but since switching employers, I'm trying out the version for SQL Server 12.0.2269.0; previously used Toad for Oracle. When right-clicking on a table, and selecting View Details, the Details window opens up. All tab except the Columns tab work, as that tab displays nothing. I can tell by clicking around that the interface is there, just hidden from displaying properly. I've been using it with this limitation, but would be so much more useful if this would display properly.

Any ideas what's happening here? Thanks for any input.

Hi, can you give us a screenshot? What machine do you use - what are your dpi settings? Could it be a problem with your permissions to the object?

You can see in this picture that a drop-down box for a column appears if I just randomly start clicking in the pane. Click elsewhere will render that one to disappear and if I've clicked on another column, that too will appear. I am using a Windows 10 PC. I have full permissions; if I use SSMS, all columns are accessible. This is for all tables/columns in Toad.

And this is on an HP 24i screen which has 94.07 as the dpi.