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Get rid of the Editor prefix in the tabs and other bugs.

In Toad 6.7, is there a way to get rid of the prefix 'Editor ’ in the tab caption and have it display just the file name? The tabs are very long and I usually have a lot of files open and I can see only up to 3 at the time. And no, getting a bigger monitor is not an option.

Also, the Windows dialog (Window->Windows…) - can you please, please, please, display the full text for each tab and remove any elipsis (…) string? There is plenty of space - that’s the whole purpose of the Windows dialog, don’t you think? The window that is displayed when I press CTRL+Tab suffers from the same affliction. I cannot see the full names of the files. Again, get rid of the preview or make it an option and show the full names.

The triangle button (pointing down) on the top right (besides the connection button) is supposed to display a list of tabs when I click on it. Most of the time, instead of displaying the tabs list, it shows the context menu. Can you please, please, please fix this?? It is annoying as hell.

Another annoying thing, I use a lot Shift+F4 to display information about a table or view or stored procedure. Shift+F4 doesn’t work for code in the Object Details. Why??

The Object Explorer window sometimes doesn’t remember an active filter I set for, let’s say, procedures, when I leave that section of the tree and come back to it. In this case resetting the filter doesn’t have any effect by selecting None in the dropdown menu. I have to go back and forth between different sections (tables, views) and eventually it appears back. Very annoying.

Also, in the Object Explorer when I right-click and choose View Details, an empty tab appears in the Object Details window. I have to move to another object and then come back to this one to make it display the details of the object I originally selected.

In all honesty, I was hoping you re-write this tool in Delphi. I don’t want to be negative, and I don’t want to bash the tool, I think you guys are hard working but when I have so much work to do and the little things don’t work properly it’s very frustrating.

Your last release was in May. I was hoping you have another release where you fix all these annoying bugs but I can only hear the crickets. I noticed that toad for Oracle had more releases since May which I find interesting.

hi costabas,

Sorry for inconveniencing you.

1 About ‘Editor’ name problem, I’am sorry about that we have no correspond function to just show the file name

2 About window problem, we will strengthen the product design to convennience customs

3 For drop down list (triangle button) ,we have bug TSS-432(When have more tabs at the top of the editor.The drop-down list will show incorrect.)

4 For Object Details issue , i create bugTSS-1395(Press SHIFT+F4 to show Object Details function didn’t work)

5 For Filer issue , we have issue TSS-634(Object explorer doesn’t work with filter)

6 For view details in Object Explorer issue , i can not reproduce , can you show me the details steps and sceenshots?

We will figure out above bugs as soon as possible , thanks a bunch for your suggestions

hi costabas,

Would you want to try Beta6.8? Cause some issues you mentioned have already fixed in Beta 6.8.

TSS-423(When have more tabs at the top of the editor.The drop-down list will show incorrect) have been fixed in 6.8

About the ‘Editor’ file name , you can configure Tools|Options|Environment | Interface | Display document tab headers vertically. follows is file name display screenshot ,can you accept this way?

For view details in Object Explorer issue , Beta 6.8 also already fixed.

Best regards,


Thank you for getting back to me so promptly.

Re: #6. I reproduced it as follows:

  1. I restarted Toad

  2. I connected to a SQL Server

  3. I chose a database and I expanded the Tables node

  4. I right-clicked on the first table and I selected View Details - it is the top menu item.

  5. In the Object Details window there is an empty Tab. See the screenshot. If I click on the next table the details show up.

About your second posting. The problem is that a lot of stored procedures (and views for that matter) have long names and sometimes they have long prefixes. Different organizations follow different naming conventions, but ultimately the names can be very verbose. As an example, an organization might use the ‘usp_ListIns’ pattern for certain stored procedure names. It becomes very hard to distinguish which one is which when the files are long and often the differences can be minor. When you use elipsis in the caption (and in the middle!!) I cannot distinguish properly between names.

Coming back to Toad, you are wasting precious space by including the prefix 'Editor '. I know it’s an editor!! The tab also has an icon. The icon tells me what it is and in time we all learn the meaning of the icons. There is no need to say 'Editor ’ or 'Viewer ’ or whatever else you guys have.

So, to answer your question, organizing the tabs vertically still wouldn’t help much because the names are very long plus you have the 'Editor ’ prefix that takes up space.

Ultimately you can make it an option for users to decide whether they want the prefix 'Editor ’ or other prefixes in the tab caption, in case there are developers that disagree with me. You already have an option that can turn off the connection in the caption. I turned that off because I am using colors for my connections so I know which connection atab belongs to.

One last thing, is there a way to bind Ctrl+Enter to the execute the current statement the cursor is on? I am so used to Ctrl+Enter from Toad for Oracle.

About using the beta version, I cannot use it because I access production systems…


I have another one that is strange.

In my editor I have the following code:

[code - start]

select *

from dbo.Comments


[Code - end]

I selected pListCountries - it is the name of a stored procedure -, I pressed Shift+F4 and Toad shows me the info about the dbo.Comments table, instead of showing me the info about the stored procedure. It probably thinks pListCountries is the alias of the dbo.Comments table.

If I select some text, shouldn’t Toad look for that text only?? Can you change Toad such that Shift+F4 would read the selected text first, if any, and use that? Otherwise it can fall back on whatever it does now.


hi costabas,

Thank a bundle for bringing up advice , we will consider your suggestions seriously.[;)]

Toad for SQL Server support customize shotcut keys . You can costumize the excute shortcut keys by the following steps.

**Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard ** The screenshot as follow.

In this page , find ExcuteSqlScript . Assign keyboard shortcut option is used to spescify the keyboard keys you want to use sa a shortcut , so you can press Ctrl+Enter at the same time in it and click **Assign .**Best regards


hi costabas,

It is really an issue for TSS ,and thanks for your carefully examination.

Our team prefer to fix this issue in higher verson ,so very sorry for any inconvenience this situation may have brought to you.

Best regards