TOAD Support required for Oracle Server & client simultaneously


I have Oracle Client in my desktop and I am able to connect Oracle servers which connected by the LAN.

I have install Oracle Server in my desktop for the Backup purpose.
I am struggle to connect other Oracle servers which connected in my Local Area Network once I have installed the Oracle Database in my Desktop.

I can able to connect my Local Oracle Database Server but not other Oracle DB Server.

Kindly guide / help me to use both Oracle DB Server which Installed in my PC and Others.

Thanks in advance.


When you installed that local database, it put down an additional Oracle

So you probably have 2 copies of TNSNames.ORA on your machine.

Use Toad’s TNSNames editor to open both and copy the LAN instances to the
file that is working.

You can use Toad’s login screen to switch Oracle Home’s if you want
to connect to the other databases w/o working with the tnsnames files.