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Toad V9.0.1 crashing

I am running Toad 9.0.1 on W7 32bit and occasionally I will have some problems logging in. Once I type in my password and click connect Toad will grey out and a pop up says that Toad crashed. The interesting part is that this crash doesn’t happen consistently.

It happened when I first tried logging in, the entire day I wasn’t able to get in. Then the next day I log in, which was about three weeks ago, it works fine, no crashing. But then today it happened again. I tried logging in three times, crashed. Shut down and power on my computer, crash. Now right before I wrote this thread, it logged in fine.

Any help as to why this is happening? I will get a picture of what it looks like next time it happens.

Can I get any help with this? This is what happens when i enter my password: