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I’m having problems with some of our DBs when trying to use the Data Compare functionality. It does seem to revolve on a specific DB instance but am trying to understand how I can help guide my DBAs in resolving the problem.

When trying to compare DB tables on a certian DB instance, I do not get a table list. Toad is not showing any errors either, it just shows an empty table list even though I know I’m picking the correct schema for the respective DBs.

Any insight that can be given as to which system tables Toad uses to build its list of tables in the Data Compare wizard would be helpful.

  • Bob

Can you please supply additional information like.
What version of Toad DB2 are you using?
What license of Toad DB2 are you using?
What DB2 platform are you connecting to?
If DB2 on LUW can you supply the version information of the DB2 LUW database and also include the DB2 registry variables that are set on that server?

If DB2 on z/OS, please supply the version of the DB2 z/OS Subsystem.


  • Toad for DB2 Xpert Edition
  • Connecting to DB2 for LUW

I think the attachment should contain all of the settings you’re looking for.
DB_DBM_Settings.txt (15.3 KB)

Hi Bob,

Can you please also check for me if you can do data compare with using context menu on particular tables (in this case data compare should take into the account only selected tables)?


Regardless if I use the instance that is causing me problems as the source or target, I get empty lists.

For example, instance A works but instance B doesn’t.

Data compare A -> B chosing A as the source, the source table shows up but when I go to choose a target object, i get an empty list.

Data compare B --> A chosing B as the source, I get an empty ‘select objects window’. Since there are no objects, I can’t select instance A.

  • Bob