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[TOADSQL] What training??

[TOADSQL] What training??

Hi Jacqueline,

On 15/02/12 11:48, Jacqueline Bennett wrote:

I am due to take over the use of Toad (our system is CareFirst) and need
to know what kind of training I should be getting, can anyone point me
in the right direction?
Is it Oracle or Sql? Or both?

Toad is a tool for Oracle application developers so you would need
training in SQL and/or PL/SQL at the very least. Knowing a bit about how
the database works would be good too - helps you write efficient code.

I assume you have read the Toad docs in the installation/docs directory?

Also, have a gander at for more information, and too.

I haven’t used either before (officially) and I have access to some
training budget so want to make sure I get the most appropriate course.
Always wise. Good luck.

Many thanks (sorry if inappropriate forum for this).
Might have been better on instead of this one.
This one is mainly for SQL, but no worries. More people monitor the Toad
one though, including the developers.

I’ve CC’d that list anyway, just in case anyone else wants to chime in.

Welcome to Toad. (Officially!)

Norm. [TeamT]