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Transform and Cleanse - Toad Data Point

I’m using a trial version of Toad Data Point and have created the rules required to Transform and Cleanse multiple data files. How do I apply this do various data files (i.e. other than the dummy data file I used to create the query). I would prefer to do this by editing the SQL query rather than by pointing and clicking.


I apologize, I want to make sure I understand correctly: You have set of rules in Transform and Cleanse, and you want to apply those rules on different queries? Or do you want to use that same query and rules and apply them to different connections?

If you want to edit the SQL itself, then you would not be able to do that in T&C, I am afraid to say. You can edit SQL, however, in the Data Browser, which you can do by clicking the dropdown button on the upper left, editing the query in the editor, and pressing F9. Keep in mind that you will need to recreate those rules in the Data Browser. Both Data Browser and T&C do let you change the active connection, by clicking the connection item on the lower left of the application and selecting a new active connection while the document is active.

Hi Ryan, no problem – my knowledge of Toad is very very limited so I’m probably not explaining this very well. The current set of T&C rules was created by right clicking on a table that I imported using the local connection. I want to be able to run the same set of rules on a different table that exists in the same database still in the local connection. The problem is that I seem to be unable to change the table on which the T&C rules run. Thanks for your help

We need to add an enhancement where we let you define Global rules or rules you can reuse. We do plan to do this, just not sure when. We have a new tracking system now nad I have enter this as QAT-540

Looking forward to this enhancement. I hope in the enhancement T&C function can be performed right in the results tab and without sending to local storage.

When you are in the T & C window you define your rules on sample rows. We assume that the data set is large so we need a temp area to put the data. Also, some of the functions need a temp area to calculate. Why do you not want to send to Local Storage or CSV? I would like to understand your use case.

At the moment, I am not using T&C b/c it’s a bit cumbersome (compared to Computed Item feature in Hyperion) with building the rules and the user interface. Most recently I was working on a what-if simulation, and thought that T&C would be great to simulate scenarios. When I tried using the tool, I found myself going through too many steps and just gave up. I found it difficult to manage and this is because I am not used to the tool. So, on my part, I do have some learning to do.

However, I prefer using the T&C option in Data Browser over the stand-alone T&C tool.