Apply Transform/Cleanse rules to other queries


I built a query (named Query1) and executed the query to fetch the results. Next, I sent the results to Transform/Cleanse. I built and applied my rules and saved the TDC (named TDC_Query1) file. Finally, I sent the final data set to LocalDB.

How can I apply the rules from TDC_Query1 to, let’s say, Query2 where Query2 has the same column names and types?

Try executing the query, then sending the result to the Data Browser. From there, build and apply rules until you have recreated your TDC file (All rules in the Data Browser are available in T&C). After you are done, click the Down Arrow button near the top of the window and you should see a SQL Editor showing your initial query. From there, you can edit the query, then go to the Toolbar or Data Browser menu and select “Execute Query and Reapply All Rules”, or simply use F9. This will execute the new query, and it will try to reapply all the currently existing rules. If for some reason a rule does not apply to the new query, it will be simply left out.

Thanks Ryan. I don’t see this option in Automation. Any suggestions how I can accomplish the same in Automation?

Never mind. I found what I was looking for. I can accomplish the same in Automation by selecting the Transform activity.