Transform + Cleanse > Pivot Grid

Hi, Is it possible to do this sequentially in Toad Data Point Classic? I do something like it in Toad Workbook and I see how to do it from Query Builder, but not from T&C. And haven't yet found any videos that do this.

It should be possible, using TDP's Automation Engine, although might require an extra little export.
Idea is to string together in your Automation flow:

  1. Transform & Cleanse step (and export transformed file to Local Storage)
  2. Toad Pivot Grid step

This assumes that you have TDP Professional Edition.
If using only Base Ed. then you will need to export to Excel or CSV in step one above.

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If possible, I'm synthesizing a comparison for local users who don't have a Pro License (and learning more about Pro vs Basic features in the process). I'll try to go from excel to pivot and see if that works and search vid tutorials for excel to pivot.