Trigger Following Enhancement

I was trying to debug why I was getting an error with a database trigger. Turns out that I had to put a following statement in the trigger. Simple fix. However, when browsing the triggers tab on a table in the schema browser, there was no easy way to tell as to which triggers may have had this option nor what sequence they were to be fired. Could you please add some sort of sequencing that utilizes the following statement? It would just make it easier to know the order of execution when there is a following statement. I know there is no guarantee the order for which Oracle fires a trigger unless there is a following statement.


Looks like I can use the user/all/dba_trigger_ordering view to add an "order" column to that display which shows something like follows/precedes <trigger_name>, but I'm not going to be able to just sort them in order, because as you know, usually the order is not known.


Why not use select * from SYS.ALL_TRIGGER_ORDERING;


That is what I was referring to above when I said follows/precedes <trigger_name>. But some of the triggers may not even be included in all_trigger_ordering, so it seems best to just give the follows/precedes data.