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Trouble to generate change script for PostgreSQL ...

I have few PostgreSQL 10.1 databases installed on the same server.

When i want to generate change script on a specific database with TDM, i got the following error message "Internal Error - Callstack “REDataMigratorDBPG93” from package “Object RE Database for PostgreSQL9.3”.

This is not due to PostgreSQL version, even 10.1 is not supported yet, because the script is well generated for all other databases (installed on the same host/server).

Have you already experienced this problem ? how can i solve it ?

Thanks for your answer.

I finally solved the problem : I got a sequence called “test”.

I dropped it and evevrything was fine : i could generate database changes …

So never call an object with this name : “test”

Hello giron35,

it is great that you solve your problem.

If you want we can do analyze of this error, but we need your version of TDM and details of error message (error line number etc). Details of error you can get from message explorer. So if you can still reproduce this error, we will be grateful for this information.



I am using TDM version :

I re-created a sequence called “test” and i got the following error during ‘Model - generate change script’ :

Hi giron35,

unfortunately your picture is wrong attached. :frowning:

I know, that on forum is some problem when insert picture from clipboard. Better is save to disc and attach file with picture.


2072.TDM_error.png find enclosed the error message I received from TDM :


Hello giron35,

unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this error. If you are willing, we appreciate your cooperation. Could you please look to message explorer, if there are any other information? It is possible that there can be message “Permission denied for relation xxx”. If there are any other information, you can post all messages from message explorer. For save messages to file, click by right click to message explorer and choose “Save Messages”.

Do you use ODBC connection or native connection? If ODBC, could you specify please version of this driver?

Btw: Possible it is problem by reverse engineering (it is part of change script). So you can reproduce it by do RE instead Change script. It should be simpler.

Thank you for cooperation