Truncated text in Object explorer Script details with Redshift


There seems to be an issue with Toad having trouble with displaying object details in Redshift.

I am using the Redshift ODBC driver version and Toad Data Point (64 bit).

When I attempt to view the details of any object, the text is cut off. Here is an example of a function:

In the Redshift query editor, I can see all the code:

This appears to be an issue will all object types.

Is this a known issue? If yes is there a work around?

Thank you,


Thanks Brian... I don't have access to a RedShift environment to test... wondering if any other users are experiencing this.

A work-around might be the following:
Can you right-click on the function within the Explorer and choose "Editor as Script" ?
Does that give you the complete creation DDL for the function?

Regardless of the work-around or not, best to open a support ticket so that Support and Dev folks can note the particulars of your environment and steps to help troubleshoot.

Thanks Gary. I did try the editor as script as well with no luck. It does open a new editor tab but will not retrieve the DDL. Interestingly, it appears to be only procs and functions with the issue. Tables and views do produce the script in object details and right clicking > Generate SQL > Creation Script.

I'll look into opening a support ticket.

Sorry that it's not a work-around. A very weird issue indeed... one that I've not seen before.
Thanks for opening a ticket... good that we get some R&D eyes on this.