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Object Details in Toad for SQL Server

This no longer works as in previous versions of Toad. In previous versions if you set your options under (Tools, Options) Explorer>General and selected Open details under Double-click behavior and also selected Use object details to display details you would get a new tab displaying the object details.

Now if you double click on an item you get a blank tab with just an “x”. If you use the menu options View>Object Details you get a blank tab or if the tab is anchored at the top you get a tab with just an “x”. This was also the behavior in the Beta version. If I select or double click another item I now get the actual Object detail screen. Dragging and dropping an item to the Object Details screen still works.

The main issue is the inital double click of an item no longer works.

Hi mark,

Thanks you very much for posting this.

TSS-1349 has been created and waiting for fixed.

Thanks again.