Two Questions (1 is how does one search this forum?)

I have two questions. The first one should absolve me from any backlash for asking what may have already been answered, but I am simply not seeing the option to search this forum. How does one search the forum?

My important question is multipart, but relates to Object Search using TOAD:

  1. What are the wildcard characters?

  2. How can I search for a “string” that contains the word PIN (not case sensitive) but I do want to skip over coding keywords, package/function/procedure names, etc and ONLY get results where the text “PIN” is contained in a string (surrounded by single quotes)

Thanx in advance to any who can help!

On the new Toad World site, there is a search box at the upper right hand corner. By clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the search box, it allows you to perform a global search (Search Everything) or just to search the current area you are in (Search Toad For Oracle).

The wild card character for the Object Search is %. In your example, entering %‘pin’% into the Search term box, choosing the LIKE option and not selecting the Case Sensitive option would give you what you are looking for.