.txp to .erx/.erd


I am new here and do not have very much experience with TDM so far. I just wanted to ask if TDM gives me the opportunity to save my .txp files as .erx or .erd files that i could open in “Toad for Oracle”? I know that it is possible to convert/export .erx files and save them as .txp-files in “Toad for Oracle”, I just would need the other way around. Or is it possible to open/import .txp files in “Toad for Oracle”? I am currently using TDM Version 3.4.16. and Database Oracle 10g.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.


this feature is not available, but I created new enhancement request. CR# 78013. Thank you!


a shame, but thank you for the information.