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DTD for TDM file

Hello everyone,

Just wondering whether there is a DTD for the TXP model file?



run TDM and open your model. In Settings | Options in section General enable checkbox Expert Mode. Then click Tools | Generate XSD. Toad Data Modeler will generate XSD file for *.txp file. Please note that *.txp as well as *.xsd structure depends on selected database platform (Oracle contains different objects than SQL Server etc.).

In general, *.txp files contains all necessary information that TDM requires. It contains various XML data that is used internally and some items, like data types are stored as GUIDs.

If you wish to work with metadata, I recommend the following:
Click Model | Reports / XSL Tranformation… and choose Complete XML (XML) item from the first combo box. Click Transform to generate simplified XML file that contains human-readable XML structure. And if you wish to get XSD for the simplified format, click Model | Reports / XSL Tranformation… and then click button More. Two buttons will appear at bottom of the form: Save XSD File As… and Show XSD file.

Good luck,