What is TPR FILE?

Hi All,

I am trying to create ER diagramme through TDM32_Toad_Integration.htm movie,in this movie ,it asks me to open TPR file. when I go to open toad for oracle project, I did not see any TPR file. I really failed to understand , what is this ? Plese let me know how could I find the TPR file or if you could let me know the movie link where I can learn of creating ER diagrammes.

hare krishna

Hi Alok,

if you are working on Toad integration,than you must have Toad for Oracle installed on your PC.

*.TPR(and *.ERD) are files from Toad for Oracle,which you can import throw Toad Data Modeler.

TPR - Toad project
ERD - Entity relationship diagram


Hello Alok,

Yes, .tpr file is a file created in Toad for Oracle. In TDM, you can import such a file.

Movie on how to create ERD manually from scratch:

Movie on how to load existing db structure via reverse engineering (from your database):

Loading of Oracle models from SQL/DDL script:

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