Types in the Schema Browser


There is a type declared in a package that is used in a pipelined function. Creating the package implicitly created 3 type objects. These 'SYS_PLSQL%' types are not shown in the schema browser under the Types tab. Is this intentional?

SQL> select object_name, object_type, object_id
 from user_objects
where object_type = 'TYPE'

------------------------------ ------------ ----------
SYS_PLSQL_3557076_27_1         TYPE            3557079
SYS_PLSQL_3557076_9_1          TYPE            3557077
SYS_PLSQL_3557076_DUMMY_1      TYPE            3557078

SQL> select * from user_types
no rows selected.

Toad uses the following query to populate Types in the Schema Browser. Since there are no rows for these 'SYS_PLSQL%' types in DBA_TYPES, they are not displayed.

Select o.OWNER, o.object_id, o.object_name, o.CREATED, o.last_ddl_time, o.status, t.typecode, t.attributes, t.methods
from  sys.DBA_OBJECTS o,  sys.DBA_TYPES t
where t.owner = o.owner
and   t.type_name = o.object_name
and   o.owner = 'BASE'
and   o.object_type = 'TYPE' 
and   o.subobject_name is null
and   t.typecode in ('OBJECT', 'COLLECTION')
order by owner, typecode, object_name


AFAIK oracle started hiding these types from the user tarting with oracle 11 by removing them from the user_types view.
But don't ask me why.