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12.1 Types missing from Schema Browser

For some connections I see it, for others I don’t.

The users in both cases have select any dictionary.

It’s not a tab that I’ve hidden, it’s not available to add in the “configure lhs” list either.

Switching the broswer style to other forms doesn’t help either.

If you send a picture it would be much easier to understand your case.


Check your license - does it include the DBA module? If not, about a half dozen object types will be excluded. If it’s an older version of Toad, then even more will be excluded without the DBA module (we moved some from DBA to Base Toad a few versions back - Toad 11.something, I think).

Also, if you are connected to an old version of Toad, the object types not supported in that version of Oracle will be hidden.

Sorry I missed the replies, I’ve upgraded since my original reply. I did have the DBA module previously and I have it now. I do see the Types tab.

I can’t replicate the problem anymore, you can consider this problem closed if you haven’t already.