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Unable to change datatype on SQL Server 2008

Has anyone come across this.

I have a table on a SQL Server 2008 database with a column of varchar(50).

In Toad in an Object Browser (I think that is what it is called)
window I right click on the table and select Alter Table.

The alter table screen opens up and I select the column and change varchar(50)
to nvarchar(50).

Click on Ok

The window flashes, moves to the ‘Generating script’ window

Leaves me with a – No changes detected in the SQL Script window.

I have tried this on the same table/column on a SQL Server 2005 database and it
works ok.

Is this not possible in 2008?


Jon L.

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Hi Jon,

This works fine for me on TSS 5.5 as well as on 5.6 on my test table. Please
provide create script for your table so we can take a look.


Alexander Maximov

Thanks for the response but I have upgraded to 5.6 now and it works.



Alexander Maximov