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Unable to debug as SYS


I have a few procedures in the SYS schema of an Oracle 11.2 instance. When I connect as SYS AS SYSDBA, I cannot start a DBMS Debug session, since the controls are greyed out, and I cannot set any breakpoint. I have to debug them as SYS, since no “normal” user is allowed to execute the procedures,but even if I tried and define a public synonym for a proc, grant EXECUTE to PUBLIC and try and debug the proc in the SYS schema after re-connecting as a non-DBA user (of course, this user was granted DEBUG CONNECT SESSION and DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE), I can set Breakpoints, but when compile the procedure with dependent objects, it fails due to “CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE”, since normal users are not allowed to CREATE/REPLACE SYS objects. I can leave out the compile step, but it never stops an any of the breakpolints, it rushes thru and exits. So there are no tricks available, I’ll have to debug as SYS!

Of course, I granted DEBUG CONNECT SESSION and DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE to any user involved, and I also issued these GRANTs “TO SYS AS SYS” (which I found somehow schizophrenic), to no avail.

It feels, as If the WHOLE INSTANCE (exact version is lacks DEBUGability, no user seems to succeed in doing so, though all breakpoints are colored red, the stop sign is shown in the gutter, the “Step” and “Ste4 over” toolbar buttons are NOT greyed out, but it never stops at any breakpoint.

What can I do to find out the missing objects, grants or whatever to enable debugging. TOAD version is

No contribution here or on other TOAD forums seems to give an idea what to do, except to granting DEBUG CONNECT SESSION.or DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE.

I do not have an answer, but I did find googling that you might need to tell your local workstation’s Windows firewall to allow TOAD to go through.