Unable to delete FKs

I am using the modeler: (newest freeware).

According to the instructions found in the helpfile @ mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\Quest%20Software\Toad%20Data%20Modeler%203\Documents\Manual.chm::/Physical_Data_Model/Creating_Entity_Relationship_Diagram/Understanding_of_Foreign_Keys.htm

It has the following:

In other words, foreign keys (PFKs and FKs) are imported from parent entities to child entities automatically when you create relationship. Foreign keys cannot exist without relationships. Therefore, you are not allowed to delete FK or PFK from Child tables either. To delete them, you have to delete appropriate relationship.

I have deleted the appropriate relationship, then went to delete the FK. However, when double clicking on the FK attribute it claims it’s still related to the non-existing relationship, and refuses to allow me to delete it …

So, … is the help file wrong? Is there another way to delete FKs?


The Help file is right.

I suppose, you used ‘Delete’ to delete the relationship. However, this way you only removed a shortcut of the relationship (its graphical representative in Workspace), the relationship still existed in your model, therefore you could still see the FK in the child entity.

Please select the relationship and press SHIFT + Delete to delete the relationship from your model.

Source of information:
Please see the Help file | Modeling | Model Objects | Deleting Objects and Shortcuts of Objects.

Note: The latest freeware is version Feel free to udpate your current version.

Let me note that there is one installation package for all TDM versions in this release (commercial, freeware and trial). After you install it, 30-day trial period will start automatically. After the period, you will be switched to freeware mode.
Please uninstall your previous freeware version before you install this new one.

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