Right-Click on entity in model, then DELETE Object. Seems to remove more that intended.

I have an entity named NODE with an attribute NODE_ID in it. This attribute NODE_ID is also found in several other tables.

Th reason I want to delete the entity is that changes have been made in the source data base to that entity and I wanted to update the model with the new foreign keys that did not exist before. To do this I opened my data base connection wizard and got the list of entities; then select my NODE entity and dragged it to add into the model. It immediately showed error log entries indicating that connections could not be made to associated tables because the underlying attribute NODE_ID was missing. Those attributes were certainly there previously!

I have embarked on no other delete transactions. It appears that delete object NODE removes ATTRIBUTES containing the text ‘NODE’ too in tables other than NODE???

How can this be? I admit to being a newer user of TDM, but this behaviour has me stumped.


unfortunately you find bug. I log it by TDM-4420 you can track it in release notes. Problem is in propagate attributes in child entity. In TDM fk Attribute can be create automatically when you create relation(we call this migrated attribute). This attribute is deleted when relation is deleted.

For update model from database I recommended use Update Model functionality. You can find it in “Main Menu - Model - Update Model form Database”.



another possibility is to delete the both parent and child entities and dragged them into the model again. Or you can delete the relationships from the dragged table NODE to the child entities where NODE_ID are missing and recreate the relationships manually. I know they’re a little clumsy workarounds but it will avoid the error.