Unable To Set FK as Unique

We’ve recently moved onto Toad Data Modeler v3.3.8.11 and cannot figure out how to model a foreign key as unique. In v2.x we could simply edit the FK attribute in the child table and check the Unique option. In v3.x, the Unique option is shown but cannot be updated (grayed out). We’ve set the relationship cardinality as 1 for the child table, but we need to be sure the DDL will generate a unique constraint check.

How do we set the FK attribute as unique in the new TDM? For now, we created a unique index in the entity for this attribute. It gets the job done, but it is a tedious workaround for what used to be a simple option.

Attached is an image of the attribute edit window for the FK in the child table.

Attribute Edit Window.doc (49 KB)


in parent entity, edit the attribute you wish to make unique. Just check the Unique check box there (TDM will create new alternate key in this entity automatically). Than draw a relationship to child table. Edit the relationship and on tab Foreign Keys, select the unique attribute from the Parent Key combo box.