Unable to use a File DSN (for ODBC)

I am attempting to connect to a database using a File DSN (instead of a User DSN or Driver directly); is this possible in TOAD?

  1. Choose to Create a New Connection
  2. Select ODBC
    3a. Initially the default is to Use Data Source Name; the drop-down list shows all User DSNs which exist on the system;
    3b. If you deselect the Use Data Source Name option, the drop-down lists the drivers installed on the system.
    3c. Opening the ODBC Data Source Administrator only invokes the OS Utility; operations/selections made here are not fed back to TOAD.

I am able to connect to my DB using User DSN as well as with the Driver directly. However, I’d much rather use a File DSN so I can manage a single set of DSNs in a single network location for multiple systems and various applications.

Are there other options for what I want to do?

Unfortunately, Toad for Data Analysts does not currently support the use of file based DSNs. We have an open enhancement request (59,512) for this issue.

Thanks for the quick response!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the option in the near future.