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Unable to use freeform edit


“We view and edit our tables in the Viewer Table > Data Tab. We can add a new row by clicking the green plus sign at the bottom of the window. The CRT_S field is a date value and we used to be able to edit this free form by tabbing into the field instead of having to click within the field and then click OK in a drop down box.”

Please see attached image for details.

Thanks !!


We recently upgraded our Toad for DB2 client to version 5.2. Since then we are having problem inserting records into tables.

Problem described by a developer in our shop:



Hi Kumaresh,

I believe the column you’re editing is a timestamp. Date and time columns can still be edited directly, but timestamps have had the editor since version 5.0. The editor requires an extra mouse click.

I created enhancement request 108,812 to either allow direct editing of a timestamp field, or to automatically move the cursor in and out of the Date and time field of the editor using tab keys.



Thank you Adam. If the enhancement request is addressed, that’ll be very helpful for our developers. Looks like they had this feature in the previous versions, but lost it in this new version. Thanks again,