Undo (CTRL+Z) doesn't work in the SQL code editors

In version 6.3 Undo (CTRL+Z) doesn’t work in the SQL code controls embedded in the various sections (After Script, Before Script etc.).

Can you please fix this?


Hello Costabas,

in Toad Data Modeler are two levels of undo/redo operations. First main is application level. You can use it by toolbar buttons or shortcuts. Second is on some sql editor. You can use it only from popup menu of this editor. Unfortunately theses operation are in shortcut conflict. So we prefer to has on shortcut main operation.


Thanks for the prompt response.

Can you not implement it such that when the editor has the focus, Ctrl+Z does the editor Undo? Another option would be to assign a different shortcut key for the editor. Is there a way to assign a shortcut for the editors?

You have to agree that Undoing in an editor via keystrokes is a fundamental operation. I would be happy to use a different key combination, Shift+CTRL+Z or something similar.


This is a serious issue. Although I have struck this irrational illogic in TOAD several times now, and been annoyed by it each and every time, I still hit Crtl-Z in the editor by force of decades worth of habit. It works literally everywhere else… Today this lost me an hours work.

I had just finished off a stored proc, and was working on the next one. By force of habit, I hit Crtl-Z after a typo. BAM! That stored procedure I just finished? Gone!

It just so happens that I was using that completed stored proc as a starting point for the next one. Phew, right? I can just undo all the changes I’d made, paste the original source back into the original stored proc, redo, and get on with my day. But I undid too far, past the point where I pasted the source in, and REDO DOES NOT WORK!

So I have now lost 2 lots of work, the first lot TWICE.

Surely the redo on the menu can help me? Nope, greyed out.

So today TOAD has lost over an hour worth of my work because of stupid design decisions and Undo/Redo functions don’t work.

Hello wyat,
I created issue on this TDM-4843, you can track this in release notes.


I agree with this feature request as well, I’ve run into it dozens of times.