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Change of keyboard shortcuts doesn't work in TOAD 14

Hi all,

when I delete a keyborad shortcut in TOAD 14 and apply changes, the shortcut does still work. Also the change of keyboard shortcuts does not work at all. For me this is a very important feature because I apply some changes of the shorcuts since many years and use them very often and blindly. If this feature does not work, TOAD 14 for me is an absolute no-go.

Did anyone else also take notice of that bug?

Best regards,

Hi Rainer - I'm not able to reproduce. I've tried both 32/64-bit Toad 14. Below are the steps I tried. Is there a specific short-cut key combination/window that your seeing the issue with or is is all you've tried?

  1. Options>Toolbars/Menus>Shortcuts - Selected Workspaces>Save Workspaces
  2. Pressed [Ctrl]+Q and [Apply]; Closed Options Window
  3. In Editor - Pressed [Ctrl]+Q - Workspaces Dialog opened (shortcut worked)
  4. Options>Toolbars/Menus>Shortcuts - Selected Workspaces>Save Workspaces
  5. Pressed [Delete] - Shortcut removed; Press [Apply]; Closed Options Window
  6. In Editor - Pressed [Ctrl]+Q - Workspaces Dialog didn't open, as expected

Hi Dennis,

with the configuration shown in my little screenshot below I would expect that a statement in the editor will be executed. Instead of executing the statement the SQL recall opens, which is originally connected to the F8 shortcut (in my configuration the SQL recall shortcut is deleted). I can reproduce this after uninstalling TOAD 14, reinstalling it, closing it, reopening it, ... as often as I want.

Best regards


We see it with that example, thanks. I'm investigating now and will log the defect once I have more info.

Thanks Michael. I know that you guys at Quest always do a good job.

Maybe there will be a fix version 14.1 or something like that? Waiting for V. 15 would be quite long...

Best regards

I see the cause and have logged the issue. Are you a beta user or are you willing to become a beta participant? This item will be in the next sprint and will be fixed in beta ASAP.

Sometimes I am a beta user, but rarely. I don't want to update the stuff every two or three weeks...
So it seems I have to skip the whole version 14 and wait for 15 if there won't be a hotfix :cry:

It's logged and on the radar. Toad 14.0 is only a few days old now and we compile a list of issues in the beginning and discuss/prioritize defects as they become apparent. We allow for a little user adoption time with a new release to get a feel for the environment.

Hello Michael,

I'd just like to inform you that the issue still exists in TOAD Beta.

Best regards,

Similar to Rainer, I changed the following keybindings, which used to work in Ver 13:
Execute Statement from F9 to F5
Execute as Script from F5 to F9

F5 still runs Execute as Script, instead of what I selected (Execute Statement).
F9 still runs Execute Statement, instead of what I selected (Execute as Script).

I am on version: