Unhandled Exception at startup - Cannot find OCI DLL: oci.dll

MS Windows 2003 Server with Oracle 10gExpress

Remote Client (VISTA) with
Oracle 10g Client (C:/XEClient)
SQL Navigator 6.1 XPert Edition Trial
Installation: Full / Citrix

starting SQL NAvigator -->
Unhandled Exception at startup - Cannot find OCI DLL: oci.dll

Access to Oracle DB with SQL-Commandline is possible

oci.dll ist in Oracle-Client-Directory (C:/XEClient)

Where is the problem?

Thank you

Hi Martin,

This a serious bug that needs to be fixed. We will try to address it in 6.2. Thanks for your feedback.

Huyen Pham

Hi Martin,

A workaround for this issue is to install another client although I realize it would defeat the purpose of having the express client.


Hi Martin,

v6.1 does not handle the Express client well when there is ONLY one express client installed. It is working fine when having multiple homes, you can switch to the express client/home…

The latest beta release (1332) can handle the single express client/home environment…You can download and check it out.


One of my users is having this same issue.

OS: Vista
Oracle Client: 11g Instant

I have another user that is using the 11g instant client and is able to run SQL just fine. Are there any updates on this issue?

As soon as I post that I call the user back, and she said it is working. Her fix… last week when she got her new PC with vista and it didn’t work she moved a oci.dll to the SQL folder. Well she removed it and I guess it started to see the dll in the oracle folder.

Oh well. Thanks for anyone that opens to look.

Glad it works out in the end. let us know if you have any trouble.