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sql navigator 5.1 ..error on opening application


I am using SQL Navigator release in my DESKTOP and it is working good.

Recently I have installed
the same licence version of SQL Navigator release installed in my laptop IBM-X41T OS is WINDOWS XP TABLET PC EDITION - Service pack 2

But when ever I Open SQL NAVIGATOR, immediately it will popup the ERROR Message
PROBLEM " Unhandled Exception at Startup -can’t’t Find OCI DLL;

SOLUTION : report the Problem to quest support , Application will be terminated ( Some memory loss is possible) when you press OK

Then it will close the SQL navigator window

What is the Fix on this …Please help me


Hi Mahesh,

Could you let me know what all the Oracle Clients in your IBM laptop are? BTW, SQL Nav doesn’t support Oracle 11g client until 5.5.4.



I like to connect Oracle DB 10 g remotely using SQL navigator…I could n’t find any OCI.DLL in My laptop


Hi Mahesh,

You would need to have Oracle client installed on the laptop before you can use SQL Navigator. If you could not find any oci.dll on your laptop, I would guess that there is no Oracle client installed yet.

Please try install an Oracle client. SQL Navigator v5 you installed supports Oracle clients 8i up-to 10g (including Oracle instant clients).

Please let us know how you go.

Thanks and regards,

PS: Changes have been made in the next release not to force SQL Navigator closing when no Oracle client found, but not much features in SQL Navigator available when there is no Oracle clients.


ohh thanks for your reply ,
You are correct , not installed any Oracle client in my laptop .
for Only connecting and using remotely the Oracle DB is there i need to install Oracle Client in this laptop ?? I was thinking I need to have only SQL Navigaotor or TOad type of application to connect and work on Oracle DB remotely…Please reply …then I have to go for the oracle client installation …thanks


Hi Mahesh,

Please go ahead to install the Oracle client on your laptop, you need the Oracle client to connect to the remote DB using SQL Navigator (the same with Toad).

You can use the Oracle 10g instant client if that would be easier for you.
Please note your SQL Navigator version only supports upto Oracle 10g clients.

Thanks and regards,