Unicode on 5.5 or 6.0?

I’m using Sql Navigator 5.5.

I need to write queries and procedures/packages that contain quoted strings in several different languages.

I’ve changed every font setting I can find in view preferences to a unicode font that supports the languages I need.

I’ve also changed the session settings to both of the multi-byte settings.

Doesn’t matter. When I paste in sql code that contains the non-western characters, they get converted to ???.

So, can 5.5 be made to work? If so, how? If not, does 6.0 work?


Hi David, Unfortunately, the NLS option is only applicable for table data. In 5.5 you can view/edit data in one language per table. In 6.0, data in various languages can be viewed and edited. However, we’re planning to improve this feature in 6.1 so the code editor would support multi-byte languages. Gwen

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