Unsort attributes in Physical Model Explorer - view in natural order

I just purchased the tool. Overall it looks good, however there is one thing that has been annoying me…

I made the mistake of sorting the objects in the Physical Model Explorer. This is fine, but how do I unsort it? It sorted the attributes (field names) as well, so now when I edit a table I see the attributes in their Natural Order under the attributes tab, but in the phs. model explorer I see them in sorted order.

Is there a way to unsort, or “view in natural order” or something where I can see my table attributes (fields) in their natural order in the model explorer tree?

Sorting table names, procedures, views, etc… is great, but most people think of their table’s fields in their natural order (i.e. Keys at the top, ordered logically in the natural order of how they created the table).


Hi Matt,

first I misunderstood your question and deleted the first answer I gave you here.

Anyway, I have created enhancement request CR 86600 to address this undo or different sorting functionality, which I think could be nice to have the possibility of a way back.

Thanks for your feedback.