unusable index issues

Data compare was not showing the count for my source table. I tried several variations and finally spooled the sql which showed this:

Select /*+ INDEX ( Src HOST_PK) / count()
From QA3.HOST Src;
Error: ORA-01502: index ‘QA3.HOST_PK’ or partition of such index is in unusable state

In SB, the table’s Indexes tab showed both my indexes with a red X. Rebuilt both via the Rebuilt index button. Red Xs did not disappear until I pressed the Refresh Detail panel button.

I assume I shouldn’t need to do a refresh after the rebuild.

And would be nice for Data Compare to indicate errors it encounters, at least when they affect the display results.

Hey Dale,

OK, next beta -

  1. if there are any errors running the record count query, it’ll show where the record count normally shows.
  2. If the PK or any partition or subpartition of the PK is unusable, there will be a message saying so above the grid where you select columns. WIth a “click here” link to rebuild.
  3. Red X will go away after rebuilding a single index from SB.