SB rebuild of invalid index does not refresh index display

The red X remains after I click the rebuild index button when rebuilding an invalid global index. A manual refresh clears the red X but I’m assuming that shouldn’t be necessary.

The Rebuild Multiple Objects window is non-Modal, so the SB just opens it, pre-loads it to the selected index partitions, and that’s all. Since that window can do so many different things, it’s not really practical for the SB to try to keep track of what you do in there just to update an icon. To achieve auto-icon updating, we’d have to rebuild the index partitions using a small modal dialog with a few options, or just run a simple “rebuild” script and that’s it.

This is just the SB LHS select table, RHS Indexes tab click Rebuild button. no Multiple Objects window.

oh. I tried that on a non-partitioned index and the icon went from the red X back to no icon. On a global partitioned index, it opened the Rebuild Multiple Objects window.

Something special about your index, maybe? If you send me a script, I’ll try it.

These are global non-partitioned indexes on a partitioned table.

Ah, ok. I was able to reproduce it a couple of times, and a couple of times it I could not.

Are you on 12c or newer? I wonder if 12c’s new asynchronous global index maintenance has something to do with this.