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"Update model from database" no oracle connections appear


We use Toad for oracle 13.1 and Toad Data Modeler 6.5 (both for Windows 10 comp. 1809 64 bits)

We are not able to do any reverse engineering, neither create connections because an error of application arise. In fact the Toad for Oracle connections do not appear in the tab in order to choose one of them.

I could view only one connection of several I have, but when I try to use it, an error arise again.

The errors I have are program Errors: "Access violation ... in Module "TDM.exe" ...

It worked before and we are in a middle of a project and I really need it.

Could you help to me?

Many thanks in advance,


Hello Jordi,
what version of TDM 6.5 do you have? If you have TDM / which was distributed with Toad for Oracle 2018 R2 Edition please update to the latest TDM version /
There was problem with TDM 6.5.4 on Windows 10 update 1809 (see the issue 4868 in the Release notes).


Hello David!! How are you? Thanks to answer to me.

I have version installed (the last one)

Kind regards,


Hello Jordi,
fine, thanks. And you?
Please update to TDM because TDM does not work properly on Windows 10 version 1809. You can find the latest version of TDM here