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Model Update Wizard TDM 5.5

I have TDM on Windows 7 64-bit and an 11.2 Oracle Client installed. I’m trying to use the Model Update Wizard and connecting to a Oracle 12C database.

I can select the Data Source, but when the wizard transitions to the “What to Reverse” step an error report is produced. Any troubleshooting ideas?


Hi Zac,

Could you check for an error log (TDM.elf file) in this location?
__C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Dell\Toad Data Modeler__Please attach it here or send it to my email (

And a couple of questions:

  • Can you describe step by step how do you update your model?
  • Did you have similar problem when you first reverse engineered your model from the database?
  • Have you tried other Data Providers (TCP/IP or ADO connection)? Did you run into the same error?