Having issues connecting to Oracle


I am using Toad Data Modeler, and trying to connect to connections available in Toad. While Toad connects perfectly fine, Toad DM gives me following error:

Connection failed because of the following error: “Cannot find OCI DLL: in OraDb11g_home1”

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Generally this is an issue with using a 32-bit application (Toad Data Modeler) with the 64-bit Oracle client. You may need to install a 32-bit Oracle client.

Hi wganesh,

Please, before trying any re-install, first try to create a new connection and connect either via TCP/IP or Native connection not using your original Toad Alias.

And which Toad for Oracle version do you have? And which connection type do you use, direct or TNS?

Thank you!


Thanks everybody for replies.

  1. I am using 64 bit toad along with 64 bit client.

  2. Have connection already using TNS entries. I do not want to use direct connection, I can do it though. I do not know how to create TCP/IP connection.

  3. Toad for Oracle version is

Thanks everybody in advance, sorry for delay in replying.


OK, wganesh, this really is an issue connected with the fact that TDM is a 32bit app while your Toad and Oracle Client are 64bit. It’s not possible to use a 32bit client with 64bit Toad unfortunately, so currently there is no way to make this combination work. There are already 3 change requests covering this issue, 103280, 109387 and 110075, and the whole issue should be fixed in the next or after next release. Follow Release Notes to see the CR fixed.

Work around:

Either use TOAD DIRECT connection, or create a new connection in Toad Data Modeler (TCP or Native with use of TNS, if you do not want to/cannot use direct connection).



Thanks Lukas,

Connected using the direct connection, but working that way is more pain. see the image above.

Reproducing this is easy, just connect using direct connection, try to save the model, you get this box.

On other laptop I installed 32bit version of oracle client and 32bit toad, it works perfectly well.



Hi Ganesh, I will check with the team, but thanks for reporting this!