Update Pivots Automatically from Data Analyst????

I exported a Query from Toad for Data Analyst to Excel. I then created a few pivot tables from the data results on to different sheets within the workbook. Here is my problem…

When i run the report again and export it to the same tab (clearing the data results from the previous run and inserting the data results from the new run), it wipes out my pivot tables. The pivot table data is there but i cannot refresh the pivot to update with the new data results.

What I want to do is to automate the report and have the pivots update by themselves when the new data is inserted into the sheet.

Any ideas how to do this?


In excel 2007 you have to manually set the ‘Refresh on Open’ option. Right click on the pivot grid and choose options. Go to the Data tab and select ‘Refresh on open’. In your are using Excel 2003 see the help files for this option. It is there but I forget where.

If you are using TDA 2.7 and the one-click export to excel pivot, we turn this option on for you automatically.


I got it to work. Thanks for your help!!

I got it to work. Thanks for your help!!