Automating reports with Excel 2007

I have been trying to create a pivot table with data in excel 2007 and automate the report. I select the file and tab that I want data to go into with date included. I am aware that you need to refresh the Pivot table and have the data source selected to max rows and number of columns needed. However, when I test to see if the data exports into the spreadsheet I show a new file being created and no information exported into the Excel spreadsheet/pivot that I selected. Any ideas on what the issue is??

I believe there are some issues with Graphs and Pivots in Excel 2007. I suggest using the Toad Pivot Grid instead.


I tried using your TOAD reports and exporting into excel as well as build a pivot grid…still issues. The problem with exporting to a pivot grid is setting up the rows to accept 1st row to summarize. What happens is the 1st and last row summarize and all else in between remain the same. Plus when you export this to excel to automate the background cannot be changed (its permanently brown and I tried using your conditional formatting which didnt work). The problem with your Toad reports is that you cannot export to Excel, which the majority of our audience like to have inplace of PDF, etc.

Our company uses Excel 2007 and we would like to be able to use the automation feature that was demonstrated to us. When will there be a fix to be able to export to Excel 2007 and create pivots that we can automate?