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Known Issue: Progress OpenEdge support

I’ve been a fond user of Toad for a long time over multiple dbs, and now want to use TDP to connect to an OpenEdge database.

The release notes do specify that OpenEdge is not supported, but on the other hand there is also a post from a contributor here saying that TDA could be used, with an ODBC driver (I believe that TDP is the new iteration of TDA, please correct me if that’s wrong).

This implies to me that I can probably get away with it, but Toad won’t be responsible for anything if it doesn’t work. Fair enough. But is there a plan to get OpenEdge supported? What is the roadmap? I don’t want to get my team all excited and familiar with Toad to find out OpenEdge will never be officially recognized.

If anyone from the Toad community could give me some insight here, that would be appreciated.


TDP has Native providers and the ODBC provider. Native providers are where we write the connectivity to that database and provide full features such as creating DDL, etc. Open Edge is not on the list for building a Native Provider.

Support for ODBC is a different issue. We do not currently test OpenEdge and I see there are existing issues with it. We have QAT-1745 to look into an existing bug but it is not scheduled. But this was reported in TDP 3.0.

We have made several changes to our ODBC provider in TDP 3.5. This is due out April 17. Or you can down load our current Beta. I would be happy to hear your success on using OpenEdge with TDP 3.5 or support you in handling bugs found.