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Upgrade TDM 5.5 to TDM 6.0 x64 issue with MyPackage

Hi all,

I’ve just installed (side-by-side) with TDM 5.5. I have a lot of stuff defined in the My Package.txg (some scripts, Default values etc.) that I’d like to import to TDM 6.0.

When I do an Package Load nothing happend after the restart.

When I try to just copy the My Package.txg into Pacakges folder (the GUID one) I get an error (I’ve sent it via mail):


Details in the error are:



1.1 Start Date : Wed, 29 Jun 2016 10:29:41 +0200
1.2 Name/Description: TDM.exe - (Toad Data Modeler)
1.3 Version Number :
1.4 Parameters :
1.5 Compilation Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 15:44:47 +0200
1.6 Up Time : 3 second(s)


2.1 Date : Wed, 29 Jun 2016 10:29:44 +0200
2.2 Address : 0000000002F3CFE0
2.3 Module Name : TDM.exe - (Toad Data Modeler)
2.4 Module Version:
2.5 Type : ECSInternalException
2.6 Message : Unknown error message
2.7 ID : 7F060000
2.8 Count : 1
2.9 Status : New
2.10 Note :
2.11 Sent : 0

Hi Ivan,

This issue is most likely cause by your package containing at least one “widestring” data type property. In the new version of TDM, “widestring” data type is no longer acceptable and has to be replaced by “string” data type.

The solution is to open the My Package.txg file and replace all occurrences of “widestring” with “string”. In future versions, this will be done automatically.

We apologize for any inconvenience.



Hi Lukas,

Yes, that’s it. After replacing WideString with String everything works.

I think you should add the instructions to Upgrade manual, I couldn’t find anything of the sorts.