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Use the previous beta version


If the current beta crashes right at the first fetch of data in the schema browser, I wanted to install the previous beat, but that does not work.



I don’t know why your most recent beta crashed. Can you provide some details on that? Mine is working OK.

We don’t typically support beta downgrades, but if you still have a prior beta’s install file, and it is giving you some error about not being able to install, or already up to date, etc, you might be able to get around it by uninstalling the beta and then reinstall.



in a second post I have upload the crash infos.
Its happen after click on the table data tab in the schema browser.
There is also a illegal pointer message by select a script in the view tab


The 32bit version works fine


Thanks, I saw the error log. I see the same “invalid pointer operation” on the script tab and I will investigate. For me, the data tab is working fine on several tables.



It should be fixed next beta, both problems caused by same thing in our script generation code. The data tab problem only happens on tables with triggers.

If the table has triggers, we are also pulling DDL for triggers incase any of the columns are populated by triggers. You can turn that feature off in Options -> Schema Browser -> Data Tab -> Highlight columns populated by sequence/trigger pair.