Using a view to query another view: SELECT command denied to

I’m trying to set up a view for someone that will Query another view in TIC. The second view queries the first view as a table with some extra filters/limits and allowing some parameters. I have not shared the first view with other users but did share my database credentials with users of that view, for the second view I allow the user I share that view with to use my credentials to access the first view.

I want to emulate a type of row level security here on a view, that is also used for a mix of other reports. The results is however an error:

Error Cannot download data for view TIC_Demo.testview. SELECT command denied to user ‘sfas’@‘localhost’ for table ‘by_major_using_view’.

What did I miss here? logically the shared credentials in both views should allow this second view to work for whomever I share it with?

I think I have fixed it by assigning the consumer of the second view as "manager’ of that view.