Using Toad Intelligence Central Web Server

From the description in the Toad Intelligence Central Server Installer it sounded like Toad Intelligence Central Web Server could be used to interact with TIC and possibly do some administration as well. I have been unable to find any documentation on how to use this tool. When I browse to it at http://{server}/ I am redirected to http://{server}/ToadOracle/CodeAnalysis/#/. The information on the page talks about running analysis on Oracle databases. I don’t have any Oracle databases. Where can I find the documentation for this tool? Is this tool only designed for use with Oracle databases? Is there another path in this application that will provide me with additional options?

Hi Trevor, and thanks for your interest in Toad Intelligence Central.

In Toad Intelligence Central 2.6, the Web server component is indeed somewhat limited, primarily allowing viewing of Code Analysis artefacts published by Toad for Oracle users. In Toad Intelligence Central 2.7, which is expected to be released soon, the web server’s role will be expanded to provide some of the administrative functions that previously required the TIC Admin Console tool, such as viewing the list of objects published to the server and managing users.