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Receive error when trying to connect to TIC server.

I have remoted in to our TIC server, and have opened the TIC admin console. I am then attempting to connect to the TIC server, and receive the following error:

Error connecting to the Intelligence Central server “root@localhost”, java.util.ConcurrentModificationException

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jeff,

What’s your TIC version? Can you find the log and get it to me as there is exception there? You can find the log in %homepath%/.adminconsole/adminconsole.log.

As the admin console is going to retire, we suggest using the web console for management and TDP(Toad Data Point) for mapping or cross query.




Thank you for responding.

TIC Version is I have attached the log file.

I did exit TIC, and was able to establish a connection after re-opening TIC, so apparently this is a sporadic issue.

I am not familiar with accessing TIC through the web console - is there a document that explains this?

Thanks for your help. Jeff.
adminconsole.log (19.4 KB)


We will plan to fix the bug.

About web console, it’s just a web app. If you have installed Toad Intelligence Central Web Server with default setting, you can access it through http://localhost:80/login on TIC server.

You can simply logon with your TIC account/password and take a try. Or you can find more detials from the documents on